Windshield & Auto Recalls

Windshields Safety Defects And Recalls – What Every Vehicle Owner Should Know

Windshields & ADAS Recall Check is crucial task that every car owner should periodically check for his or her vehicle recall bulletins. Everyday the number of recalls is increasing. Among the recalls that we have observed recently are windshields or ADAS safety systems that are malfunctioning or behaving erratically. In case you are unfamiliar with what ADAS Systems are and do, please visit our page on ADAS Systems here ➦.

There has been Numberous accidents reported and complaints have been filed that are attributed to windshield related issues or ADAS systems that are connected to your windshield.

windshield ADAS recall

First Things First

The first think you should do is CHECK YOUR VEHICLE FOR RECALLS.

There are several ways to check and stay abreast of new recalls:

1- Go to the United States Department of Transportation NHTSA and enter your vehicle VIN number. Follow this link ➦ .

2- Get vehicle recall alerts on your phone by downloading the Safer car app, available for IOS and Android.

Filing a Complaint

If you notice a malfunction in your vehicle, do not hesitate to file a complaint and report your issue with the NHTSA. You complaint will be added to the NHTSA database with your personal information removed.

If your complaint and/or the issue is corroborated with similar complaint, the NHTSA will initialize a full investigation and analyze the issue from different data points.

When a recall is confirmed and issued by the NHTSA, the manufacturer is required to mitigate the issue and fix the problem at their expense, not yours.

What Should You Do In Case Of A Recall

Should a recall is issued by the NHTSA, you will be notified by your vehicle manufacturer with Interim measures to mitigate the issue. You will need to contact your dealership immediately to fix the the problem at no cost to you.

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