Water Leaks and Noise in Newly Installed Windshield?

What To Look For To Prevent Windshield Water leaks And Wind Noise

Observe the “safe drive-away time”. Your windshield installer should advise you of time your windshield requires before you can safely drive your car. So what is meant by “Safe Drive-Away Time”, Basically, It is the length of time  required for the bonding compound (Urethane) to completely bond to the car frame.

This time varies depending on type of Urethane used and also the weather, mainly humidity and temperature.

Windshield Installer Must Wear Gloves. Gloves insulate the installer’s hands from the windshield surface. Natural hand oil and other contaminants could form a layer on the windshield preventing it to bond properly to the car frame.

Bonding Compound Type and Quality. Ask your windshield company about the manufacturer recommended Urethane for the specific car make and model and for the current weather conditions.

SIKA and 3M, in our opinion, are the best bonding manufacturers. We at Francis & Sons use either one.

Weather, Temperature and Humidity. Humidity and Temperature play a big part in the selection of Urethane used for new windshield installation.

Urethane manufacturers usually issue tables to match weather with type of Urethane and safe drive-away-time.

Clean Windshield Parameter. Windshield is bonded to the car frame by its edges. Clean and free from debris is vital for proper bonding. Windshield parameter must be cleaned thoroughly with special windshield cleaners. Sika and 3M make the best windshield parameter cleaners available in the market today.

Do Not Wash Your Car After Install. It is recommended that you wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before you run your car into a car wash tunnel after a new windshield install.

Car washes used high pressure water mixed with cleaning chemicals that could pierce through the uncured windshield bonding causing voids which in turn could cause water leaks and wind noise.

Prime The Car Frame. It is vital that the windshield technician uses primer on the car frame where the windshield sits prior to installing the windshield. Special primer must be used to treat any rust or scratches in the frame.

Roll Car Window Down. When car windows are completely rolled up and you close a door in a newly installed windshield is unadvisable.

Closing door with all window rolled up will cause the passenger cavity to create pressure that will be exerted toward the freshly installed and uncured windshield.

The pressure can cause voids in the bonding area and in worst case scenarios can cause the windshield to pop out.

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