Why Windshields Leak Water When It Rains

Windshields Water Leakage

Why Windshield Leak Water

Windshield water leaks can be attributed to any one or a combination of these reasons:

✔ Faulty moldings (rubber seals) around your windshield. Molding can become brittle with age and sunlight and start cracking and breaking off.

✔ Mildew growth between windshield molding and glass.

✔ Bad bonding (windshield glue).

✔ Improperly installed windshield.

windshield water leakage

Our experienced service technicians at Francis & Sons Auto Glass will advise you as to whether or not your windshield may be repaired, depending on the degree of damage. If it’s an easy fix with some sealant applied then there’s no need for a replacement; however if it is discovered that the damage is more extensive, then a windshield replacement is warranted. In some cases, a windshield re-installment can solve the problem especially when the windshield is perfectly ok with no chips or cracks.

Windshield removal and installation will entail our service technician to:

✔ Carefully remove the windshield molding and any trim pieces.
✔ Remove windshield and clean it thoroughly.
✔ Remove old bonding (urethane) in the pinch weld around the windshield.
✔ Clean the pinch weld area thoroughly.
✔ Inspect the frame for any obvious signs of rust.
✔ Apply new urethane adhesive around the frame.
✔ Reinstall windshield. Wait until safe to drive and test it.

Does Your Windshield Leak Water?

Francis & Sons Auto Glass certified technicians will precisely identify the location and cause of windshield water leakage and will resolve your windshield water leaks issues. Give us a call at 602-451-0057 or contact us by filling out this form.

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