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Calibrating Traffic Sign Recognition System

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What is Traffic Sign Recognition System

You’re likely to see the traffic sign recognition or speed limit recognition included in the new car’s equipment list. Traffic Sign Recognition is a new driver aid technology designed to help drivers stay alert and avoid dangerous situations on the road.

The traffic sign recognition system will automatically read road signs and alert you while driving. In most cases, it detects speed limit signs on the roads and displays them to the driver, enabling you to stay safe on the road. Interestingly, some cars have traffic sign recognition systems that show other signs besides the speed limit.

A traffic sign recognition system is advantageous, especially if you’re driving on a new road and didn’t manage to see the speed limit signs when you entered it. The good thing about this system is that it continuously detects speed limit signs on whichever road you’re driving, enabling you to adjust your speed to match the current speed limit signs.

Some cars have advanced traffic sign recognition systems that work with cruise control and speed limiter functions to enhance safety on the road. Such cars can automatically reduce your speed to match the current speed limit. It comes in handy in motorways with overhead gantries and variable speed limits, whereby the vehicle can detect the speed limit signs and automatically change your cruise control set speed.

How Windshield Traffic Sign Recognition System Works?


The traffic sign recognition system is a relatively simple principle designed to ease the hassle on the road. It features a forward-facing camera in the car, usually above the primary mirror on the windscreen. The camera then uses software that scans and detects speed limits and other signs on the road. In some car models, this information is shown to the driver on the digital dash behind the steering wheel. While in others, it’s shown via the head-up display on the windscreen.

While traffic sign recognition is a necessary driver aid, especially on unfamiliar roads, drivers must be more vigilant when driving. For example, they should know the speed limit of the road they want to enter to match the speed limit. More importantly, drivers must learn how t use this technology.

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Replacing Windshields Equipped with Traffic Sign Recognition System

When it is time to replace your car windshield that is Equipped with Windshield Night Vision System, all the cameras and sensors are removed and reattached after windshield installation. A recalibration procedure is then required to ensure that this critical safety system is functioning properly and is performing in accordance to the manufacturer tolerances.

When your car’s Pedestrian Detection System is not properly calibrated after a windshield replacement, the cameras or radar can be misaligned by even millimeters. This could cause dangerous driving conditions and accidents!

Many glass shops try to avoid performing recalibration due to lack of knowledge or calibration equipment. They will simply keep the wires intact, install the new windshield and call it done.

When installing a new windshield, be assured that it will always be off by few Millimeters from the original windshield position.

At Francis & Sons Auto Glass we have the latest recalibration systems and the expertise and experience to recalibrate your Windshield Traffic Sign Recognition System to its factory setting and we back it up with our lifetime warranty.

Does Your insurance cover calibrating Windshield Traffic Sign Recognition System?

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The short answer is if you have comprehensive coverage or if you have elected to add glass replacement coverage (an add on coverage to your auto insurance policy), then recalibration of  Windshield Traffic Sign Recognition System is fully covered and there won’t be out of pocket expense.

Otherwise, plan on spending a minimum of $250 for recalibration. In the state of Arizona, it is always advisable to purchase glass coverage on top of your comprehensive auto insurance to avoid out of pocket expense when your windshield breaks or cracks.

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