Don’t take a chance on your safety – Safe Windshield Installation is the key to a safe ride

Relationship Between Your Safety and Safe Windshield Installation

Windshield is a safety device. Do you know that it is the second most important safety device in your car after the seatbelt! A windshield has two primary safety functions:

  • Deflects the airbags during airbag deployment in case of an accident.
  • Provides roof structural support in case of a rollover where it keeps the roof from caving in.
  • Prevents passengers from being ejected in case of an accident.

Therefore, replacing a windshield requires several factors to ensure your safety:

Quality of Windshield:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): This is the original glass that came installed on your vehicle. This is a premium quality glass. It usually has the auto manufacturer brand on it.

Aftermarket: Aftermarket glass is made by a different glass company instead of the OEM company. Aftermarket manufacturer must adhere to the OEM quality and specifications.

Quality of Bonding Compound: Selecting a high-quality windshield bonding compound is just as crucial as the quality of the windshield itself. It ensures proper bonding between windshield and car frame.

Installers Certification and Qualifications: Certified Installers must adhere in their removal and installation process to ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 004-2018 standards and processes.

Respect the Allowed Safe Driving Time: Your certified installer should inform you of the safe drive time as stipulated by the manufacturer of the bonding compound used for the windshield installation. Time could range between 30 minutes to several hours.

We Use Only Safe Glass on Your Windshield

If you are involved in an accident or are a victim of vandalism that results in windshield breakage, you will need to install a high-grade safe windshield . Windshield quality in itself is never enough if not coupled with AGSC Certified installers practicing the guidelines of ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 004-2018 and using high quality bonding compound adhesives.

At Francis & Sons Auto Glass™, we can help you replace your windshield glass with quality safe glass. With us, you can rest assured that you will be working with a trusted auto glass repair service provider that only uses premium-quality and safe windshield glass and get it installed by certified and experienced pros.

We employ the services of NGA-certified pro windshield technicians and will handle all your insurance paperwork for you.

When it comes to your car, safety is its most important feature. Your car’s windshield plays a crucial role in keeping you and your loved ones safe and comfortable.

A windshield is designed specifically for cars and other automobiles and protects the vehicle’s occupants not only from road dust, debris, and dirt but most importantly to keep them safe in case of an accident.

A safe glass windshield is reinforced and does not shatter on impact. This means, in case of an accident, the occupants will be safe from jagged pieces of deadly glass as well as it ensures keeping them in the car and prevent the roof from crushing in in rollover incidents.

SAFE Laminated Glass

Unlike regular glass, safety glass does not shatter from impact. The glass is created by undergoing a lamination process that involves placing a thin sheet of polyvinyl butyral between two sheets of glass. These three sheets are heated and pressurized to form one single piece of reinforced and safe glass that offers excellent clarity and visibility.

Reinforced: Safety laminated glass is strong and not easy to break, offering increased safety to automobile occupants. Due to its ability to hold the glass shards in place when the windshield is broken, it minimizes damage and acts as a kind of safety barrier that protects the driver and passengers from harm.

Insulation: This glass is relatively insulative and reduces the heating up of your car, preventing your air conditioners from overworking and minimizing the usage of fuel for keeping your car cool. Using safety laminated glass instead of standard glass can help lower the temperature of your car by up to 44 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a significant difference.

Lightweight: Another important benefit of installing laminated glass to your car is its lightweightedness. These days, more and more people are demanding lightweight but strong glass for their windshield since it reduces fuel consumption.

A safety glass that has its thickness reduced by just 0.5mm will result in about 6 lbs reduction in weight. Therefore, using lightweight safety glass can help reduce the overall weight of the windshield as well as your car’s fuel efficiency.

Noise Reduction: Another important benefit of using laminated glass is noise reduction. Since this glass is made of three layers, it is more effective in keeping out the outside noise, making for a more comfortable and peaceful ride. As such, you will be able to comfortably talk with your family or listen to music without any disturbance.

Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered glass is another type of reinforced safety glass that is used to make your back windshield and side glasses. This glass is made by using the tempering technique.

The technique involves heating up the glass to a high temperature and then allowing it to cool rapidly. This quick heating-and-cooling process forces the glass to quickly expand and contract, resulting in its outer layer hardening while creating tension in its inner layer.

If a tempered glass is broken, it cannot be repaired and the only way to fix your windshield is to replace the glass.

Both types of glass above are safety glass and protect you from getting injured from jagged pieces of glass.

Professional Windshield Installation Services

At Francis & Sons Auto Glass™, we offer you professional and safe windshield installation and replacement services. We follow the highest industry standards when it comes to installing your windshield and always employ of NGA-certified professional technicians to get the job done right the first time.

Our technicians are experienced and use state-of-the-art equipment and technique, while following strict procedures on all windshield installations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your family.

We follow a comprehensive and highly effective process when it comes to windshield installation and replacement. When you come to our shop to get your windshield fixed, we will:

  • Thorough assess you’re your vehicle and the glass damage it sustained.
  • Selection of glass and retention systems (bonding compound)
  • Keep you abreast of the entire process of removing, replacing, and installing a new windshield.
  • Inform you of any defects or anomalies we notice prior to removing the glass.
  • Protect your vehicle interior and exterior with protective coverings.
  • Safely remove your entire windshield without further damaging the glass cutting-edge tools.
  • Install a safe windshield using and OEM-recommended adhesives and primers and in accordance with The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard™ (AGRSS).
  • Vacuum any broken glass out of your vehicle and clean all your windows
  • Advise you of the time allowed for the bonding compound to completely dry in order to safely drive your vehicle.

Francis & Sons for Premium OEM or OEM Equal, Safe Glass and Windshield Installation

Francis & Sons Auto Glass™ has made a name for itself because of its exceptional, high-quality service and workmanship at competitive pricing. We are a licensed and insured auto glass service company that provides urgent services for clients.

Our technicians use the best quality materials and adhesives to make sure your auto glass is repaired and installed in as little time as possible whether in our facilities or your place so that you can get back on the road quickly.

Driving with a broken windshield is hazardous to your safety. If your windshield has sustained any kind of damage, cracks or crock-chips, it can quickly escalate especially in extreme hot or cold weather. This is why you need to repair it as quickly as possible.

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