Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

What is Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)?

Lane Departure Warning Systems are designed to warn driver that car is about to veer out of lane. The warning could be a flashing light in the dashboard or an alarm or beeping tone from either side of the car depending on which lane, the left or right, the car is about to breach. Some cars the warning is in a form of a vibration in the steering wheel or the drivers’ seat.

Lane Departure Warning Systems is a great way to prevent accidents when driver is not paying attention and car is drifting towards adjacent lane or even incoming traffic. However, when turn signal is on the lane departure system will not be activated. In some cards, the Lane Departure Warning System will work only on freeways and at speeds exceeding 35 miles per hour.

How it works?

A special camera, normally located behind the rear-view mirror, is designed to identify the paint stripes (not the curb boundaries).

When the turn signal is off, an indication that the drivers does not intend to switch lanes, and the wheel gets close to the paint stripes, the alarm goes off warning the driver.

Lane Keeping Assist System

Some cars are equipped with Lane Keeping Assist which is an advanced form of Lane Departure Warning Systems. If functions the same way but in addition of the alarm, the Lane Keeping System will gradually turn the steering wheel to keep car centered between the two lane markers.

Lane Departure System

Replacing Windshields equipped with Lane Departure Warning (LDWS) or Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) Systems 

When it is time to replace your car windshield that is Equipped with Lane Departure Warning System or Lane Keeping Assist System, all the cameras and sensors are removed and reattached after windshield installation. A recalibration procedure is then required to ensure that this critical safety system is functioning properly and in accordance to manufacturer tolerances.

When your car’s ADAS is not properly calibrated after a windshield replacement, the cameras or radar can be misaligned by even millimeters. This could cause dangerous driving conditions and accidents!

Many glass shops try to avoid performing recalibration due to lack of knowledge or calibration equipment. They will simply keep the wires intact, install the new windshield and the system and call it done.

When installing a new windshield, be assured that it will always be off by few Millimeters from the original windshield position. This slight shift in windshield position causes the Lane Departure Warning System and the Lane Keeping Assist System to be off.

At Francis & Sons Auto Glass we have the latest recalibration systems and the expertise and experience to recalibrate your Lane Departure Warning System (LDW) or Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) to its factory setting and we back it up with our lifetime warranty.

Manufacturer Specific Name for Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Different manufacturers refer to the Lane Departure Warning System by different names.

Acura: Lane keeping assist system
Audi: Audi active lane assist
BMW: Lane departure warning BMW Lane keeping assist system
Buick: Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
Cadillac: Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
Chevrolet: Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
Chrysler: Lane Sense
Fiat: Lane Sense
Ford: Lane keeping system
Genesis: Lane departure warning w/lane keeping assist
GMC: Lane keep assist w/ lane departure warning
Honda: Lane departure warning Honda Lane keeping assist system
Hyundai: Lane departure warning and lane keep assist
Infiniti: Lane departure prevention
Jeep: Lane Sense
Kia: Lane departure warning system
Lexus: Lane departure warning Lexus: Lane departure alert with steering assist
Lincoln: Lane keeping system
Mazda: Lane- keep assist system & lane departure warning
Mercedes- Benz: Active lane keeping assist
Mitsubishi: Lane departure warning
Nissan: Lane departure warning/Lane departure prevention
Porsche: Lane departure warning system
Subaru: Eyesight with lane keeping assist
Toyota: Lane departure alert
Toyota: Lane departure alert with steering assist function
Volkswagen: Lane assist (lane change assistant)
Volvo: Lane departure warning
Volvo: Lane keeping aid

Does insurance cover calibration of Lane Departure Warning System or other ADAS features your windshield may have?

windshield insurance claim

The short answer is if you have comprehensive coverage or if you have elected to add glass replacement coverage (an add on coverage), then recalibration of Lane Departure Warning System and any other ADAS technology your windshield may have is fully covered.

Otherwise, plan on spending a minimum of $250 for recalibration. In the state of Arizona, it is always advisable to purchase glass coverage to avoid out of pocket expense when your windshield breaks or cracks.

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