How To Tell Videos

How to Tell if Your Windshield

has RS, LDWS , HWP or HUD feature?

Ever wondered what safety and convenient systems your car is equipped with? How to tell if your windshield has ADAS safety features such as a Rain Sensor or Lane Departure Warning System? These videos will help you identify your car ADAS safety featured.

Knowing exactly your car’s ADAS features are important to us in order to precisely identify the exact glass part number.

Newer cars have all sorts of Advances Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) designed for driver’s safety and convenience. A windshield replacement must be followed by windshield recalibration in order to restore functionality and accuracy.


    ➠ Heads Up Display (HUD)
    ➠ Automatic Emergency Braking
    ➠ Forward Collision Warning
    Lane Departure Warning ➦

    ➠ Pedestrian Detection
    ➠ Blind-Spot Monitor
    ➠ Parking Sensors
    ➠ Rain Sensor

    Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

    Car owners most of the time do not exactly know what ADAS features their vehicles has. It is very important that we identify these features in order to find the exact glass replacement.

    Usually the vehicle VIN number identifies the windshield part number but not always the VIN is accurate in identifying the ADAS systems in the windshield.

    Glass companies would need to know what ADAS systems are included in the windshield. For this reason, we have included How to Tell Videos If Your Windshield Has ADAS Safety Features to show you what to look for and where.

    We ate Francis & Sons Auto Glass have added a very convenient way to help you identify and locate your ADAS system(s). It is the one-click video call feature. Just video call us from your cell phone, tablet or laptop and we will walk you through your windshield virtually.

    Francis and Sons Auto Glass™ expert team uses the latest calibration equipment to perform static and dynamic recalibration to restore factory settings after a windshield replacement. Call us today for your windshield recalibration needs 480-451-0057.

    How to tell if your windshield has a rain sensor (RS).

    How to tell if your windshield has Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).

    TIP: It will ALWAYS look like a triangle. It will ALWAYS be near the rear view mirror area.

    How to tell if your windshield has a heated wiper area (HWP).

    This is different from the defroster in your vehicle. The windshield will actually have additional heating elements in the windshield.

    TIP: You can see the heated element lines towards the bottom of the windshield near the wiper blades. You may have to lift up your wiper blades in order to see them.

    How to tell if your vehicle windshield has Heads Up Display (HUD)

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