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Calibrating Heated Front Windshield System

Heated Windshield

What is Heated Front Windshield System

A Heated Front Windshield System is a driver assistant technology designed to help melt ice or snow during winter. If you notice any curvy wires across the windshield near the base of wipers, then your car has a heated front windshield. Another way to check whether a vehicle has a heated front windshield is to check the dashboard.

If you see a special button on the dashboard, your car has a heated front windshield. While it corresponds to a front or rear windshield heater, its actual design could feature pictograms, writings, or both.

How Heated Front Windshield System Works?


The Heated Front Windshield System features tiny tungsten wires (similar to those used in light bulbs) across the windshield and beneath the wipers. These wires are heated up to increase the temperature of the windshield glass to melt snow or ice, making it easy for wipers to clear the windshield.

This thin web of tungsten wires is specifically designed to raise the temperatures of the windshield surface to above freezing point to prevent the build-up of ice, precipitation, and condensation. As a result, there will be increased visibility on the road.

Most heated front windshields rely on an electrical element to heat the window, raising its temperature to make it easier for wipers to clear any conditions, such as condensation inhibiting visibility on the road.

Visibility is an essential aspect of maintaining safety on the road. Various conditions, such as ice, precipitation, snow, or fog, can affect visibility on the road. That’s why a heated front windshield comes in handy. The wires are heated up to warm the windshield, enabling the wipers to clear away ice and condensation quickly to promote the level of visibility. The good thing is that you don’t have heaters or air conditioners. That means you won’t have to use more fuel or put up with the blower’s noise.

While the temperatures on the outside could be above freezing point, fog may build up in the interior of the glass, obstructing your vision on the road. A heated front windshield will help you remove and clear the fog.

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Replacing Windshields Equipped with Heated Front Windshield System

When it is time to replace your car windshield that is Equipped with Pedestrian Detection System, all the cameras and sensors are removed and reattached after windshield installation. A recalibration procedure is then required to ensure that this critical safety system is functioning properly and is performing in accordance to the manufacturer tolerances.

When your car’s Pedestrian Detection System is not properly calibrated after a windshield replacement, the cameras or radar can be misaligned by even millimeters. This could cause dangerous driving conditions and accidents!

Many glass shops try to avoid performing recalibration due to lack of knowledge or calibration equipment. They will simply keep the wires intact, install the new windshield and call it done.

When installing a new windshield, be assured that it will always be off by few Millimeters from the original windshield position.

At Francis & Sons Auto Glass we have the latest recalibration systems and the expertise and experience to recalibrate your Heated Front Windshield System to its factory setting and we back it up with our lifetime warranty.

Does Your insurance cover calibrating Heated Front Windshield?

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The short answer is if you have comprehensive coverage or if you have elected to add glass replacement coverage (an add on coverage to your auto insurance policy), then recalibration of Heated Front Windshield is fully covered and there won’t be out of pocket expense.

Otherwise, plan on spending a minimum of $250 for recalibration. In the state of Arizona, it is always advisable to purchase glass coverage on top of your comprehensive auto insurance to avoid out of pocket expense when your windshield breaks or cracks.

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