Windshield Replacement Scam Warning

Insurance Fraud

Be on the look out for offers that are too good to be true or don’t make sense.

You have probably seen or heard that some autoglass companies are offering cash backs or free dinners or zero out of pocket cost when you have deductible or will repair your rock chip for free, these could be scams, be smart – don’t fall for it.


This is what an insurance fraud looks like in auto glass business

Cash Backs and giveaways

Dishonest glass shops will be aggressive in their sales tactics and will offer you cash backs sometimes up to $500, free steak dinners and many other perks just to win your business. Ask yourself: how could they replace your windshield and yet pay you up to $500? someone is paying for it, right? guess who? It is the insurance company but ultimately it is the consumer who has to pay for it.

Reputable glass companies don’t offer cash backs and free dinners because they don’t want to be part of this widespread scam.

Replacing a repairable windshield

Your windshield has a small rock chip that is repairable but the pushy windshield salesman insists that you replace it and he would use scary tactics sighting your and your children’s safety.

His goal is get you to agree to replace your windshield so that he and the company that he works for makes more money. But the question is how does he do it? Simple, he would file a false claim with your insurance company and he would ask you lie to them on the phone. This is insurance fraud that could hurt you and hurt everyone else.

Honest companies would be glad to repair your windshield chip and win your trust.

If you do not have full coverage insurance or high deductible, repairing your windshield is much more affordable than replacing the whole windshield when it is repairable.

Innocently signing your insurance rights away

Always read before you sign on any form especially the fine print. Dishonest glass companies would include legal language called “Assignment of Benefits” giving them many rights including suing your insurance company for the sake of collecting inflated amounts of money without even your knowledge.

Do not sign away your benefits to the glass company, please read before you sign.

Filing multiple claims for the same windshield replacement or repair

This is a common scam among unethical glass shops. They will do anything and offer you everything to get your business and then they turn around and file multiple claims for the same job. Choose a reputable glass company with brick & mortar presence. Read their reviews and ask them upfront what your financial responsibilities are.

Someone might ask, why Francis & Sons offer free one month carwash membership? The answer is because we own car washes and it really does not cost us much to offer you free membership to express our gratitude. We would love for you to try our quality car wash and hopefully when you like our service, you would ask us to renew your membership and become a loyal customer.

Trust the integrity and quality of Francis & Sons

We pride ourselves to uphold high ethical standards.  As a family owned business, we conduct business with morals, integrity and Transparency with our customers and amongst ourselves. Accountability is in the forefront, we are responsible to ourselves and to our employees. Each of us is responsible to each other but ultimately our responsibility falls with our customers and their safety.

Don’t become a victim to glass insurance fraud. Usually these shops are short timers with unreliable work quality, they here today and gone tomorrow and when you need them for a warranty reasons, they are long gone.

Dealing with shady companies could result in:

Compromise in Quality & Workmanship

Aside from using sub-standard and unapproved glass, water leaks and wind noise are very common with poor quality windshield installations. Other quality issue include scratching your car paint and leaving broken glass inside your car.

Compromise your Safety

It is very likely that your windshield is equipped of one or more of the many Safety and convenience features such as forward collision mitigation (automatic braking System), lane departure alarm, park assist or at least rain and light sensors.

These safety and convenience system commonly Called ADAS which stand for Advanced Driver-Assistance System. ADAS features require recalibration after windshield installation and if poorly performed could greatly impact and compromise your safety.

At Francis & Sons we offer this service to ensure that ADAS systems functionality are restored. Click to read more …

Lose your insurance coverage or premiums increase

If an insurance company detects that an auto glass shop is trying to defraud them by falsifying facts, submitting multiple claims under your information or intentionally overstating the work performed, you run the risk of having your insurance coverage cancelled or at least you will see a premium increase.

Getting in trouble with the law

According to, you could face legal allegations if glass shop files fraudulent claim in your name.

Report Insurance Fraud

Help Prevent Windshield Insurance Fraud

Suspecting insurance fraud or you were a victim of it? Contact the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) by completing this form or call them at 800-835-6422

Protect yourself and Family from Fraud

Protect yourself and the safety of your your family


Pick a trustworthy and reputable auto glass company.


Make sure glass company has a brick & mortar presence and not only mobile service.


Carefully read warranty and exceptions.


Verify installers' credentials.


Check their online reputation & reviews.


Double check your invoice.