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Americans love Dodge models, but the love isn’t enough to prevent glass damage. Damages to your windshield are unexpected, and you’ll need to act fast to prevent them from spreading. You could notice a small chip or crack that doesn’t look too dangerous but will become bigger with time.

Francis & Sons Auto Glass provides all auto glass solutions for your Dodge, including windshield replacement, windshield repair, and windshield recalibration. Our experts understand all Dodge models and will quickly service your vehicle for you to return to the road.

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Dodge Windshield Calibration Phoenix

Do you know that if you drive a 2015 or newer Dodge, your windshield is equipped with one or more ADAS safety systems such as emergency braking or lane departure warning system etc.

ADAS systems has to be recalibrated after windshield installation to ensure proper alignment of cameras and sensors.

The windshield calibration process must be carried out shortly after the installation of new windshield.

Bring your car to us for windshield calibration or we can send our mobile team to you place of choosing.

At Francis & Sons, we have the latest calibration equipment to calibrate your Chevy. Give us a call at 480-451-0057 or email us at .

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Dodge Avenger Dodge Intrepid
Dodge Caliber Dodge Journey
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Dodge Caravan Dodge Neon
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Dodge Charger Dodge Ram 1500
Dodge Dakota Dodge Ram 2500
Dodge Dart Dodge Ram 3500
Dodge Durango Dodge Ram SRT10
Dodge Stratus Dodge Viper

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