Common Problems in Windshields

Common Problems In Windshields

Your windshield does not have to have a crack or a chip to be problem free. There are plenty of issues a windshield could be experiencing. Here are some of the Common Problems In Windshields


Wind Noise


Blurry Windshield


Sun Glare


Heat & UV Rays


Faint Heads Up Display (HUD)


Reflection from Dashboard


Faulty Lane Departure Warning


Faulty Lane Keep Assist


Faulty Rain Sensor


Faulty Light Sensor


Faulty Blind Spot Sensor

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windshield common problems
Your windshield does not have to be cracked or broken to require maintenance or replacement. Common windshield problems are plenty. We try to identify them and tackle them in this section.
Section 1
Why Windshield Makes Noise After Certain Speed

The main culprit that causes wind noise after a windshield install is that there is a gap (or void) in the bonding compound (aka Urethane) between the windshield and the vehicle frame that is causing air to get in. Noise most likely increases with increase of speed.

This bonding compound must be applied continuously and consistently without creating any voids.
Read our blog article about windshield noise, what causes it, what to look for and how to prevent it.

Why is my Windshield Blurry

If it is not fog or condensation on the windshield, then it is either an oily film that is causing the blur or it is a pitted windshield.

If you suspect it is an oily film, try giving your windshield a wash with soap and water. Alo, double check your windshield wipers, they could be dirty or old.

If your windshield is pitted, then the only recourse is to replace it with a brand new windshield. There is no cure or repair for a pitted windshield.

Why Does The Sun Glare Through Windshield
UV Rays & Heat Through Windshield
Heads Up Display is Blurry
Dashboard Reflections
Lane Departure Not Functioning Properly
Lane Keep Assist (LKA) is Faulty
Rain Sensor Is Not Working Properly
Light Sensor Is Not Working Properly
Blind Spot Warning Is Not Working

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