People often ask: can car windshield shatter from heat? The short answer is No.

Temperatures in the Valley can get up to 120° F in the summer. You’re driving along the loop 101 in Scottsdale on a hot summer day when you notice that the temperature gauge on your dash is climbing steadily upwards. As you exit the freeway and pull into a gas station, you see that the pavement has started to soften and bubble.

While it’s true that heat can cause glass to expand and break, car windshields are actually designed to withstand high temperatures.

First of all, windshields are made of two layers of glass with a plastic inner layer. This sandwich construction prevents the windshield from shattering, even in extreme heat.

Second, windshields are “glued” to your car frame with a rubbery material “polyurethane” that allows the windshield to expand and contract hence preventing it from shattering.

Heat Will Cause Window Cracks To Expand

So, if you find yourself driving on a hot day, you can rest assured that your windshield won’t be at risk of cracking or breaking. However, if you have a prior damage such as rock chips or cracks, heat can very well cause the existing rock chip and crack to spread quickly.

Extreme Heat Won’t Effect The Integrity Of Your Windshield 

In short, heat won’t cause your perfect windshield from cracking or shattering. However, it’s important to keep an eye on your windshield and get any existing cracks or chips repaired before they turn into a bigger problem.

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