Are you frustrated due to the number of scratches accumulating on your windshield? Car windshields serve multiple functions, including protection, keeping the car safe from external pollutants, and increasing visibility. However, their position also leaves them at a high risk of damage.

Windshield damage is unfortunately quite common and often the result of unconscious carelessness. That’s right; sometimes, car owners damage their windshields unknowingly by not taking good care of the car.

This blog will list some of the top ways carelessness can cause damaged windshields to help you avoid them.

7 Ways Car Owners Damage Their Windshields

Windshields are made using highly sturdy glass because they are meant to protect the driver as much as possible. However, the following actions can cause them to become scratched and weak:

1.      Not Replacing Your Windshield Blades on Time

Windshield blades are covered with rubber to ensure they don’t cause damage while wiping impurities from the glass. However, this rubber deteriorates over time, causing the blade to become exposed.

The problem is that most car owners don’t know how long it takes for the blades to become exposed. Hence, they don’t change the wipers quickly enough to avoid windshield damage.

2.      Irregular Cleaning

Dirt and pollutants wear away at the windshield over time, especially if the car isn’t cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning is essential if the vehicle is in a dusty region. Sand and dust pieces can lodge themselves into minor cracks and start worsening the damage to the glass.

Thus, allowing cars to remain unclean for extended periods can cause windshield damage.

3.      Leaving the Ice on the Windshield

Removing snow and ice from the windshield is a hassle, but sloppy cleaning will worsen the mess. Multiple problems can arise from not cleaning the ice properly.

Firstly, ice damages the rubber on the wipers, so you must never try using them to clean it away. Doing a sloppy job and leaving some ice on will also cause damage; hence it is necessary to take the cleaning seriously.

Secondly, ice can’t just be swept away, especially the particles clinging closely to the windshield. It would be best if you were careful about the direction of your wiping to avoid scratching the glass. Additionally, using the incorrect tools for cleaning away the thin layer of ice is also a sure way to cause damage.

A scraper and approved sprays are the best solutions for this problem.

4.      Parking too Close to Construction Sites

Construction sites are dangerous because there is a risk of items and rubble falling from above. That’s why most construction workers need to wear protective helmets to prevent damage to their heads. You may feel tempted to the part near such a site when you can’t find another convenient parking spot but avoid it as much as possible.

It is very common for rocks and similar items to fall. While they won’t cause significant cracks in the windshield, they can weaken it through minor cracks, making it susceptible to further harm.

5.      Leaving the Car Uncovered

Covering up the car when it’s not in use is an excellent way to protect it against external elements like dust and dirt. The protection especially applies if you live in a windy area because winds often carry tree branches and small pebbles, harming the windshield when they strike against the glass at a high velocity.

Therefore, car owners damage their windshields by leaving the car uncovered for extended periods.

6.      Driving Recklessly

Reckless driving puts the car at high risk of accidents, and there is a high chance of several vehicle components becoming damaged. This recklessness applies to regular driving, driving during extreme weather conditions, or other such instances.

It is best to follow traffic rules, avoid speeding, and be careful to ensure your windshield stays intact.

7.      Using Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning

It is great that you want to keep your car clean, but using harsh cleaning agents is not the right choice. Such cleaning materials erode the windshield glass and overall car paint, stripping away the protective layers on top.

The erosion also weakens the glass, putting you in greater danger of injury if an accident occurs.

Tips for Protecting Windshields

You can’t guarantee that your windshield will remain safe indefinitely, but there are ways to elongate its life. Following are steps you can take to protect your windshield and keep them in the best possible condition for as long as possible:

1.      Clean Your Car Regularly

Regularly cleaning the car is the minimum effort you need to keep the windshield protected. You will need to get the right tools and cleaning agents for the cleaning process to ensure it goes smoothly.

Additionally, you must also ensure that you clean properly. Dust and dirt are just as detrimental to other car components as to the windshield, so the entire car needs washing.

2.      Park Your Car Under Shade During Summers

Excessive heat is bad for the glass since it makes it expand. It is best to park your car under shade during the summers, especially when it is hot.

The constant expansion and contraction (when the weather cools) disrupt the constitution of the glass, weakening it immensely. Therefore, parking the car in cooler spaces is the best choice during summer.

3.      Inspect and Replace Wipers

Regularly inspect wipers and note the status of the rubber covering the blades. This inspection will help you know when the wipers need to be replaced lest they damage the windshield.

Timely replacement is also beneficial because you need wipers to be in their best condition to ensure the glass is clear. Otherwise, your visibility will be affected.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this blog helps you take good care of your car and avoid windshield damage. However, you can always contact our team if the glass is already too damaged for these precautions to work.

Francis and Sons Auto Glass offers replacement and repair services for windshields and will provide the best solutions.